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Secure your accounts!

It is critical that you secure your main email account online; by main, we mean the one which you use to register on other important websites (Banking, Facebook, Dating, Holidays etc etc). There is one reason for this – if someone manages to access your main email account, there is a chance they can easily reset your password on all of these other websites. It would be almost a given that someone would use Facebook in this day and age, and it only takes a bit of guesswork to figure out what other sites you may be using and try to access them. The most common way to reset forgotten passwords is by the use of a ‘password reset link’ sent by email. Once this is clicked on, usually you can enter a new password immediately.

The other way your accounts may be compromised is if you use the same password on most/all websites. A frightening amount of users do this, and we strongly discourage this practice. Because, if someone has guessed a password on one website, it’s a strong possibility that it will work on another site you use; so, don’t make it easy for hackers, change your passwords. Despite, some advice, we don’t see a huge benefit in regularly cycling your passwords as this can simply make it hard for you to keep track; as long as it is a secure password in the first place (upper/lower case letters, numbers, symbols etc), it should suffice.

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