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3rd July 2016
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3rd July 2016

Speed up your iPhone (and iPad)

This question gets asked on occasion – how do I speed up my phone as it’s running slow and never used to? As there is not much in the way of tune-up techniques or settings to tweak on Apple’s IOS system, the best way of breathing life into your device is to perform a fresh reset; you can initite this from within the settings on your device (pick ‘erase all content and data’).

Note! Perform a full backup first, unless you’re happy with losing all data, apps and settings on your device. You can do this easily by connecting to a computer/Mac running iTunes using a USB lightning cable. This will give you to option to perform a full backup, which you will restore later after performing the reset. iTunes can also facilitate system resets and updates, should the process not occur properly on the device itself.

Now you can wait a while longer for the iPhone 7 to hit, maybe…

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