Solid State Drives (SSD’s)
31st July 2015
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3rd July 2016

Is your hard drive failing?

Tip – Is your hard drive failing?

We get advised to back-up our data, from all sorts of people, but how many of us actually do it (or do it regularly)? Not many. Computer hard drives can and do fail, and they can do so without prior warning. Faults can also be caused by drops/knocks/spills and power surges for example. These can’t be predicted, so backup, and do so often – Ask for help if you’re unsure!

Something that could be spotted early though is a mechanically-failing drive. If you notice your drive making strange sounds, particularly ticking or grinding, this is a warning sign to backup and seek help. Another sign could be a slow performing PC, error messages and crashes, particularly if these symptoms come on suddenly. Don’t ignore it.

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