31st July 2015

Bogus Phone Calls

There may come a time when someone claiming to be from ‘Microsoft’ or some other known company calls your mobile or landline, usually from abroad (often […]
31st July 2015

XP End-of-Life

The 8th April 2014 saw Microsoft end support for it’s extemely popular and reliable Windows XP operating system, along with the equally famous Office 2003 suite. […]
31st July 2015

Fake Security Alerts

Fake security programs that circumvent traditional anti-virus software are becoming more prevalent. They tend not to cause any major damage to any files on a computer […]
31st July 2015

Laptop Not Charging / Dead

If you’ve found that your laptop is no longer booting up (usually with blinking lights when you try to turn on), the battery may have depleted […]

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