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31st July 2015

Bogus Phone Calls

There may come a time when someone claiming to be from ‘Microsoft’ or some other known company calls your mobile or landline, usually from abroad (often India, but not always). This is nothing new, but becomes more of a problem at certain times of the year when we see an influx in this activity.

Someone will ring allegedly from a department such as the ‘Windows team’ or ‘Technical department’, and tell you that there is and issue with your PC, that it has ‘errors’, or your internet connection is running ‘slow’. At some stage, users will almost certainly experience these issues, and this is what they’re playing off.

To put it plainly, they cannot possibly tell if you have any issue with it or not. Some people have been called, who don’t even own a computer, which proves this point. The simple advice is, do NOT let them talk you into ‘having a look at your PC’. They’ll offer to fix it (all apparently free of course!), connect remotely, confuse you, and ultimately ask you for an amount of money at some stage. Tell them you’re not interested and hang up.

If you’ve had someone on the phone and you’ve ran through some process with them, and you’re concerned about your privacy and the state of your computer, give us a call. We can perform a check-up to ensure everything is as it should be, remove any malicious files and secure your system going forward.

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