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31st July 2015
Windows 10 Upgrade
31st July 2015

Liquid Spillages

Have you, or the kids (blame them if you like!), spilt liquid onto your laptop? Whether it’s working or not now, you shouldn’t be trying to test it. Take the following steps to ensure you maximise your chances of reviving it.

  1. Unplug it from the mains charger
  2. Dab as much of the spill off as possible with kitchen roll/paper towels/cloth
  3. Turn the laptop over and remove the battery (some batteries are built-in, so this may not be an option)
  4. This may have dislodged more trapped liquid, so again turn it back the right way up and dab it away
  5. The best practice is to leave the laptop in a dry place, such as a window-sill, with an element of daylight to air out
    (However, be mindful of intense sunlight potentially fading certain plastic surfaces and the screen panel)
    If you use a hair-dryer, know that a high setting can melt some plastics, so use a lower setting
    This should be left for at least 24-hours, but it may be best to air out for 2-3 days to be sure
  6. Providing no moisture is left and no damage has been caused, you should have a working laptop
    If not, there may be component damage, so you should take it a repair or data recovery service

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